Tuesday, July 3, 2007

having fun...coming home soon...

hey everyone!

Hope your summer is going good. i miss you all. a lot. but i'm doing GREaT!
Today we came to the shopping mall and took 5 of the toddlers with us to the supermarket and then to play in the play area at Spur's and eat lunch there. They absolutely loved it all! and it's soo much fun to them smiling and having a good time! I had a great time too. i just LOVE the kids. i return on the 19th. i hope to see you all when i get home. i miss you. I know i will have a hard time leaving tlc though.

love you guys. i give you a big hug, cilla


Alora said...

it is so wonderful to hear from you!! I hope things are going well... cherish your last few weeks there! I can't wait to see you, though. :) BLESSINGS, ~jess

Jen said...

hey huni
miss you so much
missing all of TLC to be honest
Cant believe ive been home this long - i really am missing you guys and the babies!
if Ethan hasnt gone yetr please give him a huge hug from me and tell him i pray for him every day and love him so much!
Please also giev faithy a huge hug - i love that girl! Im so happy shes being adopted by Viv. i miss her smile and hug - ask her if she remembers the special handshake?! I would be suprised if she did!
love u girl!
Take care and have a safe journey home
all my love
Jen xxxxx