Thursday, April 19, 2007

gazing into their eyes...

Hello all you friends and family and prayer warriors!
Greetings from SA!
I find myself feeling very much at home here now. I continue to thank God for this opportunity and have recently felt a new sense of peace that this is totally where He wants me in my life right now. I have grown to love the babies more and more and care for them so deeply. I find it hard to believe that already 3 montsh have passed which means my time is half way through here. Please pray for a small little girl who is very sick with pnemonia now and is on oxygen. Also pray for good health for all the babies as the colder winter weather approaches and the heating system isn't the best. Please praise God for all the recent adoptions...about 10 or 12 total since I arrived. Also praise for my great health and safety. Last month two other gals and I spent our 10 day holiday in Cape Town and had wonderful time seeing the coast, eating lots of ice cream, climbing Table Mountain, and getting to know eachother a lot better. Every day brings new challenges and joys as well and I love the way our group pulls together as a team and we really work together well. The nursery had a new floor put in a couple weeks ago which is beautiful. And I am so excited to be around the kids everyday...when I see their faces and look into their little eyes I know they were abandoned and left to die many of them...but I am here to love them and what a great thing that is. When I feed them I gaze into their little eyes and think about that...and I thank God for this time and to learn these things. I love you all, Cil

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