Sunday, January 14, 2007

South Africa

Greetings to all who are reading this -family, friends, and all others!
I leave tomorrow for South Africa! I can hardly believe the day is nearly here...the day I've been planning for a long time. I am excited... and a little nervous too, but I'm eager for this adventure to begin. My bags are packed. I have my travel plans set. My heart is joyful. And my eyes a bit tearful. My passport is set. And my money too. I thank God for this missions opportunity and pray that He will use me for His beautiful glory. My service at The Love of Christ(TLC) Ministries will be primarily to take care of and love all of the little ones there. How great it will be to smother them with the love of Christ. There are 30-40 babies and toddlers currently living at TLC.
I thank all of you who are praying for me. And all of those who gave support. Praise God!
Until next time, Cilla

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